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White Dell XPS 13 (9380) Laptop was in Founders Park

Posted 3 months ago

White Dell XPS 13 (9380) Laptop was left in the original package (opened white box with the serial number on the box) on 10/09/2021. I left the above-mentioned laptop (my personal laptop) on the picnic table near the small lake at Founders Parks (which is near Lake Nassau) around 4 pm on 10/09/2021. I have reported the Police Dept. of University of Texas on the following day (10/10/2021) according to my company (Chevron Corp: CVX building: 1500 Louisiana St, Houston, Texas 77002) 's sensitive data protocol. The laptop has sensitive data/information including my personal data as well as my current and previous employers and its partners sensitive data/information . I had already reported the lost of my personal laptop to my previous supervisor (Mr.Kevin Sullivan: ) at Chevron Corp. (CVX) within 24 hours of the lost of my personal laptop.

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