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The big question

How does it work?

1. Search for an item

See if someone’s already found what you’ve lost — or lost what you’ve found. Just hit search and type the item into the search bar. To narrow down the results, you can filter by location

“I lost my house keys in the supermarket carpark. Somebody told me to put an ad on When I logged on, the keys had already been listed! A quick message later and I was back inside my house.”

Christina FitzPatrick, Market Drayton

2. Post an ad

Tell the world what you’ve lost — or found — by posting a free ad. All you have to do is fill in a few details about the item — including where it was lost or found — and you even can add pictures too.

“Thanks to you I have found my keys. I am not on social media so had no way of getting the word out. I found your site and posted an ad. You are wonderful people. Thank you so very much.”

Laura Milney, Dublin
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3. Sit back while we share it with the right people

We’ll share your ad on our site, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Instagram amonst others. It’ll be geotagged — meaning it’ll be tagged with the location where you lost or found it, to make sure your it’s seen by people in the right area.

“Reds home! Thank you all, we are so thrilled! Thanks everyone who shared, tagged and texted.”

Amy Wallace, Brisbane

4. Get messages straight to your inbox

When someone finds what you’ve lost — or owns what you’ve found — they can send you a message directly from your ad. You’ll get the message directly to your inbox, and can take it from there.

“I’m happy to say that I’ll be deleting the Ad as a very decent person called to say she’d found my phone, and it’s now with me.”

Diarmuid Allan, Ridgewood
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