Read the 2021 lost and found report

15 Years

The big report

This year we turn 15. And to celebrate fifteen glorious years of reuniting people all over the world with their lost property, we’ve trawled through tens of thousands of posts to bring you some pretty astonishing facts and figures.

Read on to discover:

  • What day of the week you’re most likely to lose your wallet
  • How COVID has affected our carelessness
  • And who the biggest losers are – men or women

Pre-COVID versus Post-COVID

Looking at the top 5 lost items 12 months pre-COVID v post-COVID, there’s definitely a story to tell.

We had half as many lost property posts on the website than in the previous year. People just weren’t going out as much due to COVID, and so didn’t lose as many things. A small upside to lockdown?

And while wallets were still the top-most item lost, post-COVID they made up only 14% of the top five items, while last year they made up 23% of the most lost items. We attribute this drop to an increase in contactless payments, due to perceived better hygiene in the face of COVID.

Items you're most likely to lose

This graph shows the most commonly posted lost items over our entire history. How many of these have you ever lost? If you’re a short-sighted cat-owning jewellry-loving photographer, you might even get a full house! (There’s no prizes, by the way).

Most commonly found items

Here's a graph of the top 10 items most commonly found and posted on our site. Good news for animal owners. Dogs and cats are in the top four, along with keys and phones. And if you have a feathered friend that has done a runner - or should that be a flier - you’d be quackers not to check Birds are the seventh most commonly found item on the entire site!

Biggest losers: Men V Women

Perhaps a slightly contentious category, but let’s look at it anyway. Over the most fifteen years, who’s lost the most items, men or women. Drum roll…. Women just edge it here*. Is this because most women carry their stuff in a bag, and men carry theirs on their person? Do women have more stuff to lose in general? Or perhaps it’s women who are not afraid to admit they’ve lost something, and put in the effort to get it back. You can make your own minds up here...

*Definitely not super-scientific. We used a gender name recognition tool to tot this up!

Day you're most likely to lose something

If you’re anyway forgetful, maybe you should stay in bed on Mondays, and possibly Sunday too. By far the most popular days for losing things. Good news though... as the week goes on, the propensity for carelessness lessens each day. Until the weekend comes round again, when it starts to creep up again... We put this down to changing routines, and our brains' inability to cope. Weekends are less structured than your weekdays, so everything goes to pot. And then just when you’re getting used to the weekend’s non-routine, along comes Monday and you have to deal with a whole different structure altogether.

Months you're most likely to lose something

If you're careless, consider staying at home in July - all that sun obviously goes to people’s heads. And way more items are lost in the second half of the year than in the first. Summer holidays, better weather, Christmas… it all adds up. The hedgehogs have it right. Hibernation in the winter months leads to less lost property. You heard it here first.